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Sign up now! Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities Course: Free, Massive, Open and Online


The Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) are offering a pioneering online 8-week course on Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities: The Quest for Safe and Just Development on a Resilient Planet.The course looks set to cover a broad range of key emerging concepts in sustainability science, including the Anthropocene, planetary boundaries, the socio-ecological systems approach and resilience thinking – all in a user-friendly way that can fit around a busy schedule.   

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Scientific Developments in the Biodiversity Planetary Boundary 


A recently published article authored by Professor Georgina Mace and fifteen others provides an interesting and important contribution to the ongoing debate surrounding the scientific definition of the biodiversity planetary boundary.

The authors list a number of important limitations to the original metric, which is based on links between ecosystem processes and the global species extinction rate. Among other criticisms, Mace et al point out that “a boundary based on species richness alone misses many more fundamental and persistent roles of broader sense diversity”, for instance related to abundance and community composition. As well as going on to suggest three possible approaches to the biodiversity metric, it is also highlighted that biodiversity plays a key role in interactions with the other planetary boundaries, thus making biodiversity a form of focal point for scientists and policymakers in supporting other planetary processes.

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Eight Key Issues for a Post-2015 Global Development and Sustainability Agenda: An Appeal to the German Government


The Association of German Development NGOs (VENRO) and the German Development Forum on Environment and Development have published a summary Position Paper 1/2014 in the much-debated lead up to the replacement of the Millennium Development Goals by the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. The Paper aims to urge the German Government to focus its influence on the following eight areas (not intended to be exclusive)…

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