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What system of governance would truly protect planetary resilience? Comments from the SRC MOOC

The Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities MOOC, hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the SDSN, is now into its second week (see here for PBI’s article on the MOOC).

What has been particularly interesting is the flourishing online community that has formed for sharing ideas on the state of our planet alongside the course. A thread launched by Cliff Krolick particularly stood out:

“What governance system will truly protect planetary resilience?”

A contribution from Ranjay Singh, echoed by contributors from Mongolia and Syria, highlighted that it has often been observed that systems and norms developed by indigenous communities are more sustainable than formal systems of governance. This idea that we require good quality local governance and civil participation to build cooperative and resilient communities emerged repeatedly in the discussion; but it was also highlighted importantly that global level problems cannot be solved by local governance alone.

Continue to read the PBI’s comments on the MOOC discussions on governance…


The implications of the ‘historic’ US-China deal

18th November 2014

Hot on the heels of the European Union’s pledge to cut total emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, the announcement on the 12th November of the climate agreement between China and the US – the world’s two largest emitters of greenhouse gases – has been welcomed as “a historic milestone” and “a watershed moment for climate politics”. The praise, however, has been reserved for the political message rather than the unambitious climate commitments.

The PBI looks through the implications of the US-China deal, particularly for the 2015 UN climate negotiations in Paris…

Sign up now! Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities Course: Free, Massive, Open and Online

30th October 2014

The Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) are offering a pioneering online 8-week course on Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities: The Quest for Safe and Just Development on a Resilient Planet.The course looks set to cover a broad range of key emerging concepts in sustainability science, including the Anthropocene, planetary boundaries, the socio-ecological systems approach and resilience thinking – all in a user-friendly way that can fit around a busy schedule.   

See the trailer for the course below and follow this link to read the full post…


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