PBI launches Planetary Integrity Project (PIP)

The Planetary Integrity Project


In response to the urgent need for transformative global governance the Planetary Boundaries Initiative has joined a coalition of partners to work on the principle of ‘ecological integrity’.  The coalition, called the Planetary Integrity Project (PIP) launches on 25 November 2016.  The aim of PIP is to advocate for ‘ecological integrity’ to be placed at the heart of all institutional decision making, as an important legal principle for integrating economic, social and environmental legal and policy frameworks. The attached report sets out further details on PIP and how embedding ecological integrity into legal and policy norms would provide the type of urgent change needed to current global governance systems


The Great Challenge

Environmental global problems require a systems approach. The Planetary Boundaries(PB) concept makes this clear.  The PB concept demonstrates the integrated and global nature of the Earth’s biophysical systems and the potential for sudden, abrupt ‘tipping points’, with possible catastrophic global and regional consequences.

A melting iceberg

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One of the drivers causing pressures on the planetary boundaries is the failure of our global governance systems to protect the planet and its people from greater environmental degradation and poverty.  It is well understood that in a world with less resilient ecosystems it is the poor who will be the most exposed to extreme weather, to food price spikes, to agricultural land grabs (an estimated 80m hectares since 2000),  and to rising inequality of income and dysfunctional social systems.

So far the world has responded to the Great Challenge with a set of global sustainable development goals (SDGs). These aspirational goals are underpinned by a series of targets and indicators.  They are an important first step for moving global governance in the right direction. But we cannot stop there and say ‘job done’.

We need the world’s leaders to take more responsible action and to do so within a generation.PBI believes the world’s leaders must try harder and move quicker towards urgent systemic governance changes, ensuring greater safeguarding of the world’s natural resources. The PIP coalition will produce evidence based reports that will help us to advocate to a wide audience, including the UN,  how placing ecological integrity at the heart of institutional governance would bring about the transformative shift necessary to safeguard our future environment.


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