P.B.I. Joins Alliance for Future Generations

The Planetary Boundaries Initiative has taken up membership with the Alliance for Future Generations (the Alliance). Two of the founding members of the P.B.I., Deborah Tripley and Peter Roderick, are also individual members of the Alliance.

“The work of the Alliance will be a natural fit for the Planetary Boundaries Initiative,” says Mei Wang, Director of the Planetary Boundaries Initiative. “All efforts to promote a sustainable future for our planet and humanity should also consider the rights and voices of future generations whose interests we seek to protect,” she said.

The P.B.I. contributed to a submission by the Alliance to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Select Committee on 28 August 2012 on the Outcomes of the UN Rio +20 Earth Summit, calling upon the House of Commons not to ignore scientific evidence of planetary boundaries as had been done by governments at the Rio +20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year. Instead, the planetary boundaries concept will help ensure the Sustainable Development Goals that are developed will further the universal realisation of human rights and respect critical natural boundaries.

Click here for the full submission to the House of Commons made on 28 August 2012.

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