New report: Proposals for Governance in the Field of Geoengineering

The Ecologic Institute has recently released the findings of its research into effective international governance of geoengineering, as commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency.

Geoengineering, also referred to as climate engineering and geotechnical engineering, encompasses the broad area of all works connected with sub-surface earth resources – from mining and infrastructure, to energy and contaminant transport. As the report highlights, geoengineering has been receiving increasing attention at the policy interface as a potential focus area for climate policy.

The Ecological Institute’s report is clearly and helpfully simple in its structure. It firstly addresses the question of the definition of geoengineering, then assesses the extant international governance, and finally goes on to recommend proposals to improve the current state of governance, all in light of recent scientific developments.

This Report is another indicator of the current interest in using international governance as a means of addressing present and impending environmental issues. The PBI are currently developing a project to explore and advocate for change in international governance of the global commons, which will have current scientific developments in climate science at its foundation.

Click here to be taken to a copy of the report.

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