Eight Key Issues for a Post-2015 Global Development and Sustainability Agenda

The Association of German Development NGOs (VENRO) and the German Development Forum on Environment and Development have published a summary Position Paper 1/2014 in the much-debated lead up to the replacement of the Millennium Development Goals by the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. The Paper aims to urge the German Government to focus its influence on the following eight areas (not intended to be exclusive):

1) Eradicate extreme poverty and overcome inequality

2) Justice and a decent life for all

3) Safeguard functioning ecosystems and the sustainable use of natural resources

4) Food sovereignty and the eradication of hunger

5) Include responsible governance and global governance

6) Peace and security

7) Sustainable economic practices

8) Fair implementation – ensure sufficient development and sustainability financing and create innovative financing

Whilst responsible global governance is highlighted as a key issue to press in the formulation of the SDGs, it is notably taking a ‘broad brush’ approach to governance: the (admittedly very brief) summary covers areas from the rule of law and access to judicial procedures, to accountability for public and private actors, to the fight against corruption and civil society participation.

The PBI is not alone in the view that wide-ranging global governance reform is necessary if we are to achieve lasting sustainable development. PBI are currently putting together a project for exploration of reform of global governance, especially on planetary boundaries issues – watch the PBI website and Twitter account for updates.

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